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for the lectures of III course medical students
winter semester of 2019 / 2020

16.09.–22.09.2019 г. Health and disease. Prof. B. Marinov
23.09.–29.09.2019 г. Pathophysiology of carbohydrate metabolism. Hypoglycemia. Hyperglycemias. Diabetus mellitus – etiology, pathogenesis, pathobiochemistry, complications. Prof. B. Marinov
30.09.–06.10.2019 г. Pathophysiology of lipid metabolism. Hyperlipoproteinemias – pathogenetic types and their relation to atherosclerosis. Prof. B. Marinov
07.10.–13.10.2019 г. Etiology and pathogenesis of altered water-electrolyte metabolism. Pathogenesis of oedema Prof. B. Marinov
14.10.–20.10.2019 г Pathophysiology of acid-base balance.. Prof. B. Marinov
21.10.–27.10.2019 г. Pathophysiology of calcium-phosphate homeostasis. Disturbed bone remodeling. Prof. B. Marinov
28.10.–03.11.2019 г. Hypoxia-definition, classification, types, adaptations. Prof. B. Marinov
04.11.–10.11.2019 г. Reactivity and resistance – types and classification. Prof. B. Marinov
11.11.–17.11.2019 г. Pathophysiology of inflammation. Etiology, pathogenesis, classification. Fever - etiology and pathogenesis Prof. B. Marinov
18.11.–24.11.2019 г. Pathophysiology of altered cellular growth. Carcinogenesis – pathogenesis and stages. Interrelations between organism and neoplasma. Prof. B. Marinov
25.11–01.12.2019 г. Pathophysiology of respiratory diseases. Basic mechanisms disturbing lung function and gas exchange. Prof. B. Marinov
02.12–08.12.2019 г. Pathophysiology of respiratory diseases. Respiratory failure – etiology, pathogenesis, types. Prof. B. Marinov
09.12.–15.12.2019 г. Dyspnea – etiology, types. Sleep apnea syndromes. Prof. B. Marinov
16.12.–22.12.2019 г. Pathophysiology of cardiocirculatory system – adaptive mechanisms of the heart. Cardiac failure – etiology, pathogenesis, types. Prof. B. Marinov