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for the practicals of III course medical students
winter semester of 2019/ 2020

16.09–22.09.2019 г. Basics of pathiphysiology. Local disturbances in blood flow: hyperaemia, ischaemia, infarction, thrombosis and embolism.
23.09–29.09.2019 г. Carbohydrate metabolism. Diabetus mellitus. Types. Etiology, pathogenesis.
30.09–06.10.2019 г. Lipid metabolism. Hyperlipidemias. Obesity. Atherosclerosis.
07.10–13.10.2019 г. Protein metabolism. End stages of protein metabolism. Gout.
14.10–20.10.2019 г. Fluid-electrolyte balance. Oedema. Types.
21.10–27.10.2019 г. Disturbances in mineral metabolism – disturbances in Ca/P, K, Na, etc.
28.10–03.11.2019 г. Disturbances in protein, lipid, carbohydrate and fluid-electrolyte metabolism./colloquium/
04.11–10.11.2019 г. Disturbances in acid-base balance.
11.11–17.11.2019 г. Hypoxia – definition, types.Characteristics
18.11–24.11.2019 г. Inflammation – definition, types, outcomes. Fever – definition, pathogenesis. Hyperthermia.
25.11–01.12.2019 г. Tumors – etiology, pathogenesis.
02.12–08.12.2019 г. Disturbances in acid-base balance; Hypoxia; Inflammation ; Fever; Tumors /colloquium/
09.12–15.12.2019 г. Reactivity and resistance of organism –types. Allergy – types. Autoimmune response. Immunodeficient states.
16.12.–22.12.2019 г. Seminar - MCQs
23.12.–22.12.2019 г. Seminar - Clinical cases