The first pathophysiology department in Bulgaria was established at the Medical University of Plovdiv in 1947. It was found and headed by Prof. L. Telcharov, DMSc. He was taught by prof. Mollov, prof. Klisurov and the first teacher in pathophysiology in Bulgaria Assoc. prof. Minko Dobrev. Prof. L. Telcharov was the head of the department from 1947 till 1963. His successors as head of Pathophysiology Dept. in the next 60 years were as follows: Prof. N. Boshev, DMSc 1963 1965, Prof. Iv. Kirin, DMSc 1965 1989, Prof D. Mitkov, DMSc 1989 2001, Prof. D. Iluchev, DMSc 2001 2004 and Assoc. Prof. St. Kostianev, DMSc from 2004.
The first assistant professors at Pathophysiology Dept. were: Dr N. Gajdadzhieva, Dr M. Todorova and Dr J. Pantev. In the early 50s Dr B. Kjutjukchiev, PhD, Dr V. Zozikov, PhD, Dr M. Cholakov, Dr Ivan Kirin, PhD, Dr N. Nikolov, PhD, joined the department. As a result of developing more detailed education in pathophysiology and the establishment of functional diagnostic sector at the department , new educational stuff was hired in the early 60s: Dr D. Mitkov, PhD, Dr D. Iluchev, PhD and later Dr J. Valkov, PhD and Dr C. Lambreva Ljuckanova. In Early 70s as a consequence of integrated education in pathophysiology and pathologic anatomy and the development of functional diagnostic in Pathophysiology Dept., several more people became a part of the department stuff: Dr St. Bonev, PhD, Dr M. Gerginova, Dr M. Ovanesjan, Dr A. Karova, Dr Ivan Yanev, PhD and Dr St. Kostianev, DMSc. During the period of 1978 1991 a a branch of Pathophysiology Dept. existed in Pazardzik, headed by Assoc. Prof, D. Iluchev, DMSc and Ass. Prof. Dr P. Ilieva, Dr P. Serafimova, Dr D. Genova and Dr A. Hristova. After the closure of the branch all the stuff were transferred to the main department in Plovdiv. The newest people in the department are Dr B. Marinov, PhD Ass. Prof. since 2001, Dr Mandadzhieva Ass. Prof. since 2004 and Dr Kiril Terziyski on a PhD research since 2004.
The first lectures in pathophysiology (3 hours weekly) took place in the city cinema hall. Pathophysiology education in MU Plovdiv combines experimental and clinical functional approaches in functional pathophysiology. It is a merit of the department founder and the first Ass. Prof.s in it. In that time a practice to carry out a part of the practical education in the clinical departments was initiated. In the 60s pathophysiology education enlarges from 2 to 3 .. and the practical sessions are increased to 90 hours. For the first time in Bulgaria a methodology of investigating not only the pathophysiology of disease, but also the pathophysiology of the patient, was introduced in the department. At that time the results from the functional diagnostic testing PFT, BGA, CPET, were for the first time used in the educational process.
The department plays a significant role in the postgraduate education of young doctors in different clinics at MU performing seminar and lection sessions. In the 70s a new method of machine-programmed self-education and test self-examination was introduced. It helped also checking the connection student-teacher. For the first time in Bulgaria new visual and multimedia methods of education were introduced. Three new educational halls and a hall for practical demonstrations were created. All the available functional diagnostic laboratory potential is used as a part of the education. Voluntary courses in pathobiochemistry and functional diagnostic are carried out in co-operation with other departments.

From its very beginning to our days the department develops an intensive functional diagnostic work.
1. In the area of liver puncture biopsy and capillaryscopy (L. Telcharov)
2. Pulmonary function, blood-gas and acid-base diagnostic (I. Kirin, D. Iluchev, I. Yanev, St. Kostianev, M.Gerginova, M. Ovanesjan, A. Karova, B. Marinov)
3. Diagnostic activities in the area of functional pulmonary diagnostics.

The main scientific areas of interest in the first 20 years were:

1. Biopuncture method in biology and medicine (Prof. L.Telcharov)
2. Alteration in leukocyte number in pulmonary and interoreceptive irritation (Prof. I. Kirin)
3. Influence of Cortisone and ACTH on the higher activity of the nervous system.( Prof. N. Nikolov)
4. Investigating some of liver functions in disturbance in higher activity of the nervous system (B. Kjutjukchiev).
In the 60s and 70s the main scientific investigations of the department were in the area of: 1. Assessment of evolution of chronic pulmonary insufficiency (stages, degrees and classification) in patients with chronic non-specific pulmonary diseases (I. Kirin) and 2. Investigation of the pathogenesis and therapy of lipid dystrophy of the liver in experimental alcohol-induced intoxication (Prof. D. Mitkov).
In the 80s the 2 main areas of research of Pathophysiology Dept., Plovdiv, were: 1. Pathogenesis of liver encephalopathy under the supervision of Prof. D. Mitkov and 2. Pulmonary function testing and acid-base status under physiological and pathological conditions D. Iluchev, D. Yanev, St. Kostianev, M. Gerginova, M. Ovanesyan, A. Karova, D. Genova, A.Hristova.
In the first area of research scientific data of international value were the role of some fatty acids in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy (doctoral research of D. Mitkov, 1989).